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Use on its own as an extreme cold Sealant or to replenish Ultimate Tubeless Sealant w/FIBERFOAM. This will bring the carbon fibers back into suspension and extend the life of your sealant for up to a year. Made in the USA

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• Effective down to 0F/ -18C
• Compatible with sealant injectors
• Comes with rubber hose for easy injection
• When used every 90-120 days, can extend Ultimate Tubeless Sealant w/FIBERFOAM life to a year
• Use Replenisher every 90-120 days for best
• CO2 can be used to seat tires but should be removed as soon as possible and replaced with air to preserve life of sealant
• Made in the USA

Foaming natural latex formula, ;environmentally safe, contains no ammonia. Use to replenish SILCA Ultimate Sealant with Carbon Foam every 90-120 days. Use of the replenisher may extend sealant life up to 1 year! Replenisher can be used on its own down to 0F/-18C. It is able to be injected through the valve stem. Comes with rubber hose for easy injection.

CO2 can be used temporarily to seat the tire, but should then be released and replaced with the floor pump to preserve the life of the sealant.