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The Aerofuel carbon is a performance saddle for triathlon and time trial, optimized for intense and prolonged efforts in an aggressive position on the Lo. Its short base reduces pressure build-up on sensitive tissues to prevent pain and numbness.

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7x7 Steel rails

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119,00 EUR99,17 EUR Excluding VAT

In addition, the central canal vid over the entire length improves comfort. The shorter bill is expanded to provide a solid and stable platform on which you feel comfortable to pedal. In addition, the full EVA padding provides more support and comfort during the longest races and training sessions.


  • Optimized for a forward position on the lo. The short base with a large, central channel reduces pressure build-up on sensitive fabrics as you roll forward, in the more aggressive positions of triathlon and time trial. Thus, you are comfortable until the arrival line e.
  • Maximum power transfer. An extra-wide spout provides a sturdy and stable platform that allows you to hold your position firmly even when stepping with a lot of intensity.
  • Durable comfort over long distances. The full EVA padding provides superior support and comfort for your ischions during prolonged efforts.
  • Stable position on the v lo. On the top, an anti-slip coating ensures your position on the saddle, to avoid slipping too far forward or back, when your priority is road speed.
  • Basic structure light. The molded base structure made of carbon-reinforced polymer is rigid and lightweight.
  • Easy assembly and adjustment. The wide gap between the base and the rails makes it easy to assemble and adjust your Aerofuel saddle. In addition, clear markings along the rails allow you to easily adjust the position of your saddle.