UD / Dynaplug Racer PRO

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Lightweight tubeless repair tool

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Racer Pro - Gunmetal

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replacement plugs 5-pack

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We've tried a lot of tubeless repair plugs on the market and we trust Dynaplug over all of em.  Their tools are fast, easy, and offer consistently superior performance when you're standing on the side of a remote trail in grizzly country with the daylight fading, managing a geyser of sealant spewing from the 5mm hole in your tread. 

Package includes: Racer PRO tool: two twin insertion tubes w brass tipped plugs- Standard and Megaplug size, three extra plugs, and pipe cleaner.

Constructed of US made Billet 6061 aluminum (right up there with Duralcan as some of the most fabulous aluminum ever) stainless steel.

Machined and lasered in Chico, CA

Race Grey anodization with lasered UD logo reminds you to always have fun while pluggin.

4 1/4 x 1/2".

26 grams.