AeroCoach Align Wing carbon arm rests

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Align Wing Carbon builds on the hugely popular Align but giving a higher 70mm outer edge and tapered angle towards the end of the aerobar extension. Made from carbon fibre with a structural composite core, Align Wing Carbon are rated for >1600N of force applied to the edge of the wing, keeping you locked in the aero position, safe and secure.

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Replacement pads

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Complete pair of armrests

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High outer edges help reduce unwanted movement, and removable 8mm Neoprene® foam allows for a comfortable support for your arms. Align Wing Carbon has 70mm high sides and a 90mm long base section. The slotted 5.5mm bolt holes are compatible with M4, M5 and M6 bolts, and give angular adjustment, a large range of fore/aft adjustment as well as side/side movement. Steel washers are included in the pack for use with flat head bolts. Please note flat head bolts must be used (not tapered V head bolts).


Simply remove your current aerobar arm rests and replace with Align Wing Carbon. Minimum mounting point contact area 25mmx30mm (each side).

Please refer to your aerobar manufacturer's recommend torque settings during installation - longer/shorter bolts may be required if your current armrests are less/more than 3mm thick.


Height: 70mm

Length: 90mm

Width: 100mm

Base thickness: 3mm

Bolt compatibility: M3, M4, M5, M6

Foam: 10mm velcro backed

Weight: 100g/pair