AeroCoach Affix 1x aero chain guide

39,00 EUR32,50 EUR Excluding VAT

A perfect complement to the AeroCoach ARC chainring for riders who have non removable front derailleur hangers or who race on very broken road surfaces, the AeroCoach Affix chain guide is an aerodynamic alternative to a front derailleur!

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39,00 EUR32,50 EUR Excluding VAT

The injection moulded Affix has a an angular range of adjustment for chainline and fits all standard braze on mounts. Suitable for large chainrings (58t+) as well as standard 50-54t rings. Comes with bolt and mounting instructions. 1x specific chainrings are recommended, not the use of standard shiftable chainrings (eg. Shimano/SRAM). Please note, due to the extreme chainring shape an Affix is not suitable for Q Rings or OSymetric rings, but will work with the shape of an ARC ring.

Replacing a front derailleur with an AeroCoach Affix will save 2-3.5w, and only incurs a 1w penalty over no hanger.